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Modèle : Adir Kochavi
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Adir Kochavi, is a known trumpet player as well as a composer and arranger born in Israel. He is actively playing and participating in different scenes of music and various projects in the Netherlands, Europe and South America.

Adir's personal style is a combination of several music styles like Jazz, Latin and R&B, into which he integrates motifs from the music, he grew up with as a son of Israeli Jewish parents who originally came from Yemen.

The CD "Rikud" is Adir's own production, includes typical Yemenite pieces newly arranged and original pieces that manifests his individual style forming a colorful unique tapestry of Yemenite, Jazz, Ethnic, and Latin music. Using multinational (Israeli, German, Venezuelan, Dutch, Colombian…) musicians contributing from their experience and interpretations, added to the exclusive blend of rhythms, sounds and voices creating a distinctive impression that will capture the listeners and lead them through a journey they never experienced before. The "Rikud" (the dance) between the spiced Yemenite music and Adirs' personal style produce a strong and wonderful aroma stimulating all senses.

The vocals in this CD were contributed by Zion Golan, a leading singer well known in the Jewish Yemenite community in Israel and the world.
You are invited to enter the magnificent voyage which will leave you with a tickling taste for more...

musicians include:

Adir Kochavi: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Shofar, Percussion, leader
Zion Golan: Vocals, Pah, Tasht
Konstantin Klashtorni:Flute, Soprano Sax
Marc Bischoff: Piano
Claudia Cassier: Piano
Haytham Safia: Oud
Claudia Valenzuela: Violins
Laura Valenzuela: Violas
Mick Paauwe: Baby Bass
Gabriel Guelman: Double Bass
Arie Podga: Darbuka, Riq
Juan “Bulu” Viloria: Percussion
Gerardo Rosales: Percussion
Jens Kerkhoff: Percussion
Joaquin Artega: Percussion

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  • Modèle : Adir Kochavi
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