Cello Suite #1, Prelude


Modèle : Bach to the Future
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Bach to the Future

Rob Silverman - Drums *, Zendrum **
Mike Silverman - Keyboards
Matt Bollinger - 6 String Bass Guitar
Ron Vince - Zeta Electric Violin

2nd violin on "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" - Takaoki Sugitani
Cello on "Air on the G String" - Ivan Lalev
Flute on "Air on the G String" - Lisa Di Tiberio

BACH TO THE FUTURE -- The Bach that rocks!

The time machine hatch glides smoothly open... Johann looks at the lighted display: he has landed in the early twenty-first century. "Good," he thinks. "It is the age of electronic instruments. What will my music sound like in this new
BACH TO THE FUTURE is an exciting classical/jazz quartet, transforming the famous classical melodies of Bach and other composers into jazz, Latin, and other contemporary rhythms. The four musicians play cutting edge instruments, including the Drumitar, the MIDI electric violin, and synthesizers. They've sold over 100,000 CDs on their own label, Time Machine Records, and have opened for David Sanborn, Peter Cincotti, the Rippingtons, Eric Marienthal, Al DiMeola, Stanley Jordan, David Benoit, Michael Franks, and the Yellowjackets.
In addition to concerts, the group performs master classes and music education clinics, and has several
instructional books and CDs published by Mel Bay Publications.
Catch their new CD, "Bach to the Future," available now on Tower Records and iTunes. For more
information, visit www.bachtothefuture.net. Bach to the Future -- the Bach that rocks!

All arrangements by Bach to the Future, based on the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, except "Solfeggietto,"
by Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach
Produced by Mike Silverman

For more information, visit www.bachtothefuture.net
phone USA (314) 968-8558

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Arranged in an Afro-Cuban rhythm, this is often the opening piece in our live show. Bach's original melody is in 9/8 meter, and the 12/8 rhythm of our version fits surprisingly well.
Minuet/Little Fugue
There is a rhythm found in several African nations that musicologists call the "African Six." Rob plays this pattern on the Zendrum, his electronic percussion instrument worn like a guitar. I began writing this arrangement of the Minuet by imagining how a West African guitarist might play this simple melody.
Solfeggietto (C.P.E. Bach)
I have always thought this fast melody was a natural fit for a Latin jazz treatment. The solo piano intro is an improvisation on the original piece by J. S. Bach's son. I had jazz piano great Chick Corea in mind when I arranged this one.
5. Cello Suite #1, Prelude
Arranged for 6-string bass guitar. Matt plays it in a somewhat flowing style.It's a challenging part for the bass guitar, because the cello is tuned in fifths, whereas the bass guitar is in fourths. But it is a piece Matt has wanted to record for years.
8. Air on the G String *
Invention I
This track originally appeared on the Downtown Trio latest album, "U City Blues," and got the band thinking about this
concept of Bach's music through the filter of our modern world. It's played in a Greek 7/8 rhythm.
Tocatta (Live)
This is Ron's electric violin solo. He's doing his best Eddie Van Halen impression, by sending the signal of his violin through a guitar effects processor.

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