Sunday To Sunday - Ras Myrhdak


Modèle : Various Artists
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Studded By an array of STARS,This Easy Listening yet Hardcore Reggae Album arose out of the need to voice our concerns about the incarceration and call for the release of fellow musician, Siccaturie Alcock aka "Jah Cure".

It Starts with the very hardcore voice of Ras Myrhdak, Warning the neglectful leaders that the current state of affairs is actually a disaster waiting to Happen as from sunday to sunday dem yah youth yah will mek fenaral gwaan.

Montegonian veteran Ever Sparks reminds us that Jah is the only one no matter how mighty man feels he is.

Nightingalian Crooner, LUCIANO Concurs with these sentiments when he says Good Over Evil haffi (must) Conquer, some a gwaan like dem (behaving as if they are) strong but Jah Stronger.

Milton Blake is seeing all the corruption and destruction spreading all over by Sitting on top of the Mountain.

The Legend Mikey General Reinforces the point that no matter what you call him The almighty is the almighty and no matter what other people think of us, we should continue to praise Jah, who is responsible for the freedom of everyone.

Chappa Jan Chops through with a Blazing Fire to free the spirits of all and sundry

Mackie Conscious remind the youth to hold the vibes so they can continue to enjoy their freedom.
Relax and enjoy "FREEDOM".

Pinchers shares the joy of the morning ride.

Charm Squad tells of the liberating powers of the good stuff.

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  • Modèle : Various Artists
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