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Modèle : BadaBing BadaBoom
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"...BadaBing BadaBoom, the outfit that was swingin' hard before the current swing craze kicked in. Songwriter Eddie Mugavero's considerable musical muscle is matched by his deliciously twisted sense of humor. Pass those charts out to an unfairly gifted cast of singers & players, and you get Jonesin' To Swing, the band's new self-produced CD (B4). Lots of swing bands seem to be stuck with two choices; sound like you're totally lost in retroland, or try to modernize the sound through off-color lyrics, too many references to present-day events and predicaments or cute little musical quotes from rock or pop songs. None of that cheese-spread here, thanks. "Spend Some Time" is a classic, its hepcat, slang-rich lines sounding like they could come from just about any era. Likewise, "Leave Your Baggage Off My Train." Cool! I caught their live show at a downtown club recently, and, well, wow. Taking nothing away from the rest of the troupe, dummer Tom Giampietro and five-string violist Stephan Dudash will scare the daylights out of you."
Rusty Russel, Music Row Magazine
"The band's new album, Jonesin' To Swing is so swell that any guy who hears it may be tempted to buy a zoot suit, and any gal who listens will be itching to hang out with a zoot-suit daddy. Replete with muted horns, torchy female vocals, dance hall piano and silky violins, Jonesin' to Swing gives a great big 'ol toast to the past!"
Rick de Yampert, The Tennessean

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  • Modèle : BadaBing BadaBoom
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