Take My Hand


Modèle : Backslide Cats
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About the CD
This CD is created by the two founding members of Backslide Cats; Roger HäggstrÃm (writing this) and Jan Ivarsson. We have worked together with drummer Jim McCarty (www.drum-tracks.com) and keyboard players Mikael BergstrÃm and Frank Josephs to get as far away from the computer as possible when tracking.

Why this name?
A cool name, we feel like we're coming back to the crime scene after 20+ years.

Band History:
Jan and I met up about four years ago. We have been playing together and with other people since then. I'm a singer and a writer of songs and Jan is a guitar player.

Your influences?
Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Willie Dixon, the Kings, Bessie Smith and you name it from all the other great bluesmen there is.

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  • Modèle : Backslide Cats
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