Modèle : Asabioje Afenapa
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Aboru Aboye,
Asabioje Afenapa is a Ifa/Orisha Traditional musician, 33 years old singer who was born into Egungun priest family, started singing at the age of 8 years old, she has represented Oyo and Lagos states traditional and cultural Troup in Nigeria several times, also Ibadan cultural troupe which she won several awards for in the past. Few months ago, she was invited to play in a conference in Venezuela with her full band members, to the expectation of many people, she performed excellently, and she was also awarded by some organizations, in the southern hemisphere in the American Continent (Venezuela precisely). She is ready and agile to feature in any invited concerts or conferences or any occasions which are for the purposes of uplifting Ifa/Orisha religion
This album is for all lovers, followers and believers of Ifa/Orisha religion and Yoruba cultural music.
The Traditional Genealogical praises, prayers and songs of each Orisha in the Album really reflex the rich culture and Tradition of the Ifa/Orisa religion. What makes the album one of the best of its kinds is the use of the ancient drums of Orishas like Bata, Dundun, Ogido, Gangan etc. Without the traces of western instrumentals also the traditional accent used by Asabioje to praise and pray to each Orisha, the rhythm of the music is really a mind-blowing one, and you dance away your sorrows and tribulations. Lots of prayers, praises, and tributes to Orishas like Ifa, Oshun, Shango, Oya, Yemoja, Ogun, Ogboni and the last but not the least Egungun. A 10-track album which is titled: “ISESE L’AGBA” is a audio CD runs for 55 minutes, and you will never want to miss a second of the play. It is an evergreen music which everyone that loves Ifa and any Orisha music should really have in their houses and libraries. Ogbo ato asure Iwori-wofun.

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  • Modèle : Asabioje Afenapa
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