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Modèle : African Gospel Rhythms
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We are committed and dedicated to be true worshipers of Christ by uniting people from different nations, tribes, races and denominations through multi-lingual prayer, praise, worship and the skillful use of musical instruments.

Our vision is to be part of the team that will take the church back to its fundamentals through teaching Christians how to value practical prayer, praise and worship believing that, that is what will bring about restoration of the church and a genuine leadership.

Over two hundred years ago, American missionaries responded to the command of our Lord Jesus, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”. Due to their obedience some found themselves in the far off parts of the world, including Africa, the former Dark Continent. The American missionaries told our ancestors to give up on their idols, witchcraft, ancestral worship, polygamy and all the other evils that existed in the land. The American Missionaries planted the seed of purity in the former Dark Continent. 200 years later that seed matured and bore fruit as many as the sand of the sea. We are part of that seed and God has brought us back to the land of our spiritual fathers, to remind the modern Americans how much sacrifice the forefathers paid for the sake of the gospel. They risked their lives in a land full of malaria, cholera, wild animals even unfriendly people then. Now we are back in the USA to remind everybody that your forefathers told us that it was wrong to have idols, today Americans are worshipping their money, wealth, selves etc. Today nobody wants to talk about purity, holiness, righteousness, godliness and walk in the footsteps of Christ. In case you forgot we are here to tell you that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. One day he shall return to take his church. Are you ready?

Pezzy Kudakwashe
Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Lyricist

I am the founder of African Gospel rhythms, Zambian by nationality and have been in Maine since 2001, graduated in Video technology and now pursuing a Nursing career. Married to Maria, a band member, with two girls, Natasha and Natalie, I know I am called to be a missionary in Maine.Prior to coming the USA I, was a committed member of Upper Room Ministries(Pentacostal Assemblies of God) in Harare Zimbabwe and the Northmead Assemblies of God in Lusaka, Zambia. I was born again in Kaunda Square under the Ebenezer Assemblies of God. I am an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God in Zambia. Towards the end of 2001, I felt God leading me to start up the multi-racial band. I am the Senior Pastor of All Nations Worship Center of Portland Maine, an affiliate of Assemblies of God USA, which meets on saturday only, for the time being. I also work as worship pastor at Trinity Assembly of God in Gray Maine.Currently,the Center in Portland has become the place for training our future leaders, the kids, who are our greatest God-given resource in life.. At All Nations Worship Center, we believe that we are standing in line awaiting the great end-time promises that God has promised his church. " In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh". God also says that his house must be a house of prayer for all Nations. We are already experiencing that as we now see 13 nations represented at the Center especially in our kids church. Praise the Lord When praises go up God comes down. The Nations represented are: Mexico, Haiti, Zambia, Jamaica, South Africa, Congo DR, Indonesia, Vietnum, Cambodia, Burundi, USA, Togo and Sudan. During our worship services we sing songs from other countries but our services and bulk of songs are done in English.


Recorded at Bethel Baptist Church, Jan., 2006

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  • Modèle : African Gospel Rhythms
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