A Little Bit Of War


Modèle : Marc Njiri
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"The Way" is a reflection of Marc's faith and life experiences, with a passion for spreading a positive message. His main goal is to be an inspiration for change in people's lives. "We all have talents," Marc says, "It is only our responsibility to offer ourselves as living proofs of God's awesome power.With "The Way", his first album, He demonstrates a rare ability to fuse the "feel" and vibe of African music with the edgy flavor of 21st century hip-hop. While the themes of R&B permeate Marc's The Way, there's also a street-worthy hipness and confidence. Marc is very much his own artist, gifted with singular talents and a unique sensibility.

Take "A Little Bit of War" one of the last tracks Marc and Kanji of the band Milele worked on together with R-Kay for the album,(who also co-wrote and produced most of the tracks on the record). Recorded with a South African Kwaito feel , the song is, according to its creator, "real, a composite of experiences. It's about different people's lifestyle as a war against immorality as it really goes down.

"Niaheire Naba(He gave the Number)," has, according to Marc, "a bangin' hip-hop beat with a little Latin flavor, and a soulful melody and vocal arrangement; it's a cool mix and fusion of different musical influences."

Asked to describe his style, Marc says, "It's very soulful, rooted in gospel but with hip-hop beats and unique, more of a 'feel good,' upbeat sound." That's exemplified by the song "Njia- The way," with its instantly memorable hook and tunes like "Milele" (featuring Sheila Kanja), which he describes as "a redemption song, It's hip-hop with a gospel flavor." Marc offers the beautifully tender "Turn it all around,"(co-produced by Wyre) another fine example of his ability to bring his own well-crafted artistry to music that harks back to another day and time.

"I put some pressure on myself but I'm gonna try to live up to it and I hope my music will live up to it." listen to the soulful yet edgy music, there's no question that Marc Njiri indeed delivers the real deal, beginning the next chapter in a career filled with promise and possibility.

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  • Modèle : Marc Njiri
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