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Modèle : Yewande Adebayo
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Yewande Adebayo was born in the war-torn city of Monrovia, Liberia. She migrated with her family to the United States a few months shy of the civil war that would devastate the country to present. As an inherently conscious youngster, Yewande conceptualized the idea of the Music for Social Change Project in hopes of one day being a catalyst for change in her home country. The Music for Social Change Project is now becoming a reality years later.

She has been working with her parents, Maudeline and Gebah Swaray (formerly of Zack and Gebah and legendary Liberian producer) on music releases turned Liberian classics over the past 11 years. On her debut effort, her sound is characterized by a blend of jazz, RandB, reggae, light rock, and even classical tonations over West African rhythms. Her songs tell of her recent journeys overcoming severe hardships in her own life. This brief compilation also draws on memories and hopes for a better future for her people.

Past performances include the World Music Festival (Detroit Michigan 1998), the Ivy League University circuit [Columbia and Brown Universities] (2004-2005). She has also worked on projects with London based club artists like Theodore Gerideau with recent releases in Italy. She has also worked with members of the world-acclaimed Bembeya Jazz Orchestra and Les Ballets Africains. Recent venues have included the NJ Performing Arts Center for the JP Morgan Chase Sounds of the City Music Summer Stage. She also holds a Masters of Public Administration with a focus on International Development from New York University Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and currently works in the field focused on efforts around poverty alleviation through the provision of micro-grants.

"I am a creative person with a mission. My thought was to try to galvanize other African artists in utilizing their talents and resources to aid the current conditions of our people. I figured we (at the local level), through the arts, could step up any existing efforts to effect and accelerate change at home but there needed to be a model to follow. Its one thing for others to mobilize in our behalf and its another thing for us to mobilize in behalf of ourselves. Because it is our problem, creating our own solutions would likely be more sustainable. And that's why at least lending visibility to our plight and creating an atypical platform for thought and planning is one other way forward. I don't anticipate change overnight, but I still remain hopeful for our people and for our future."

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  • Modèle : Yewande Adebayo
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