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Modèle : Musicians For Peace
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RUACH, meaning wind or spirit in both Arabic and Hebrew is focused on letting the spirit of peace into our "hearts , lives, and homes" (song 11) and than sending that spirit out to spread peace in the world through recording, performance, travel, study, networking and prayer (g2g). The collaborative effort between Nabil Abu-Nicola on Oud and Samia Ashkar on voices -Arab Christians from Nazareth- and Ofer Golany on guitars, a Jewish pacifist from Jerusalem began in December 2002. Elijah, a German and Jennifer, an Austrian came to Jerusalem with a prophetic calling to find Jewish and Arab musicians who are committed to bring peace. They met Nabil in the garden of Gethsemene. He was already on a path of service to humanity regardless of nationality, religion or other divisions and offered the name Musicians for Peace. They met Ofer, a working musician who had been asking to play less in the service of beer (pubs) and more in the service of peace (where will you send me- he asked) at a concert for the peace of Jerusalem. As happens with commitment - providence shifted gear. Father Raed, a Palestinian priest, offered 30 studio hours at an East Jerusalem studio and Peace from Jerusalem, a 7 song 30 minute CD, with 2 songs in English, 2 in Hebrew and 3 in Arabic from their previous repertoires was finished just in time for a summer tour of Germany. During that tour Isiah 2:4 (song 4 - nation shall not lift us sword against nation) got its first Arabic/Hebrew 4 voice arrangement later blossoming into the Arabic/Hebrew/French/English arrangement on RUACH. In October 2003 Ofer and Nabil went together to Sarajevo at the invitation of Musicians Without Borders and there Oh Lord, a Franciscan prayer asking to be instruments of peace in Arabic and Instrument, that same prayer in English were born. A tour of Belgium with the Newlife community gave birth to Ideals (song 9) and Love Your Neighbor (song 6), with its French attachment, and Come Holy Spirit (song 13) in a 7 minute concert version. In healing prayer this song can go on for half an hour - opening the heart and asking the spirit for all good things. Back in Israel they got into the studio and received provident help from Herwig Strobl, an Austrian violinist who sent the violin track to Born Winner (song 12) and the Dutch Franciscans who contributed to the recording costs. Israels's finest Harp player Sunita contributed harp to 2 songs, 2 songs have a small clarinet part, 3 have accordion and 3 different percussionists Arab and Jewish, all gave their talents to be on this CD. A sign that hope is there. The unique guns2guitars folding cover was ready the morning Musicians for Peace flew to Belgium for an April/May tour of Europe arranged by Marijke of Culture Without Borders (Germany) and Emmanuelle of the Newlife Community (Belgium). All 300 computer burned copies were sold in 22 performances. Now there is a glass master version with a link on CD baby. Musicians for Peace continue to support peace initiatives everywhere and perform in Israel bringing Arab and Hebrew speakers together in the brotherhood that is created by music.

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  • Modèle : Musicians For Peace
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