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Anthony Kellman is an Atlanta-based Caribbean author and musician and a winner of a National Endowment for the Arts Poetry fellowship. Limestone, his second musical CD in an Island/World-Folk style, represents an important contribution to the contemporary singer/songwriter genre.

Produced by versatile Atlanta musician and producer, Thurgood Marshall Jones, Jr., the songs on the CD cover subjects as diverse as the co-existence of the bitter and the sweet in interpersonal relationships (Didn't Know Myself, Touch My Chords, and Another night), the restorative power of love (We Love, Ready to Love Again, and Tamer of the Seas), the extinction of native tribes (Ichirouga's Farewell), the celebration of the beauty of landscape (A Good Place and The Rock), Slavery and its aftermath (Done Dead A'ready, Blood For Blood, and King Jaja), the vision of human integration (Sprats and My Dog, Your Dog), and the importance of national heroes (Ballad of the Limestone).

Anthony sees himself as a citizen of the world and his multiculturalism is reflected in his music which is a seamless blend of Island folk, folk-rock, Latin, and R & B elements that create his own very unique style. Born and raised in Barbados, Anthony was educated there and in the U.S. An established Caribbean author with several books of poetry and novels to his credit, Anthony released his first CD, Wings of A Stranger, in 2000 which featured songs and poems from his 2000 book by the same title. Of that CD, Caribbean Beat reviewer Robert Clarke notes,
"Kellman is a multi-talented man...[His verses] truly come to life when the rhythm of Barbadian Tuk [music] is added. His varied cadence lingers long after the music is over."

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