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Modèle : George
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Dancer and musician A.George, accompanied by voices of London choir, releases stunning Irish New Age album

A.George trained and passed exams in classical music from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UK.


"....Magnificent album ....orchestral pieces, bagpipes, electro kicks, harp, wind instruments, flamenco foot taps......" World Music Trax, Canada.

"....Totally unique sound had me dumbfounded from the first bar, stays with you throughout the day....."Capital Public Radio, Australia.

"A. George's 'Celtic Tiger' is another electronic marvel - but moving away from the dance beats of his other offering, George dives into mixing electronica with traditional folk sounds of Irish music. The resulting music is disarming and curious.

'Pathos Sonic - Rainy Day in Ireland', is both a movie soundtrack bed along with native Irish lines - same goes for 'C4 - Romance in E Minor' and 'C3 - Bagpipe ole St. Patrick'.

The title track, 'Celtic Tiger', is haunting - violin patches and what sound like kinetic acoustic violin performances, cello support, and dissonant choral voices, colour the track dark and perplexing - but compelling musically. Well done...." Earbuzz, USA.

A treat for fans of Clannad,Secret Garden, Michael O'Sullivan and Chieftans.

Downloads awaiting you at Apple iTunes, Napster,Rhapsody, AudioLunchBox,Mperia, and BuyMusic.

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  • Modèle : George
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