Modèle : Juan Silos Jr.
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The PHILIPPINES is a treasureland of folk dances. These dances which must have been basically Malay, as our history reveals, have remained unchanged for over three centuries…and still bear the same features that characterized them prior to the end of the Spanish occupation. A cursory glimpse into these native rhythmic movements or folk dances, therefore will show that most of them have the indelible mark of Spanish dances, and in some instances even of France and China.

A wonderful cross-breed of the Orient and the Occident prior to the American occupation of the Philippines, the Philippine folk dances are characteristic of the different levels of culture that can be traced back to the early Christian groups in the Islands.

This treasured collection of Philippine Folk Dances, as culled from various eras and presented with the dynamic sound of the Rondalla under the baton of Juan Silos Jr. aims to supply the need for one’s love of good music as one of life’s choicest possessions and perhaps, and in no time at all, his actual participation in the dance itself.

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  • Modèle : Juan Silos Jr.
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