Solitary Lotus Reflected in the Sky


Modèle : Andrei Krylov
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The nights of the month with two Full Moons were the source of inspiration for this album. My guitar was an instrument through which the spirits of the lake, water and stars spoke. The words of those who meditated and lived there before became the words of these songs. On the night of the Full Moon the loon has revealed to me the meaning of its calls and carried me away on a flight to the stars. What happened during this month will never again be repeated. The mystery, light and spirit of the Full moon lake will forever remain in this music.

Andrei Krylov studied guitar in Music School and University in St.Petersburg, Russia. In 1980's-90's he worked as a classical guitar teacher and performer for the State Concert Company #Lenconcert#. He wrote music for the guitar and other instruments and he has recorded and published several albums of original guitar music, songs, new age, classical and flamenco guitar music, lute music, one of which has sold over 60,000 copies in Russia.
He has played with the St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra (conductor, Eduard Gustin) and the "Old Petersburg " music theatre.
He has given recitals in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, USA, and Canada. Andrei has recorded and performed for Russian Broadcast Radio and TV and a copy of his performance was published by TV St.Petersburg. In Canada, he has performed at various festivals, including Latin Extravaganza, Kitchener's Salsa In The Square, Toronto's Weston Festival, Hamilton's Concession Street and several multicultural festivals, played concerts in Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city and other places.
Andrei has been compared favourably to many great guitar players, but has a style uniquely of his own.
Sunrise. She That Rides Over the Water. Poem in Russian by Andrei Krylov.

Полусонное море вздыхает на камни,
Из лиловых туманов растет тишина.
Ты приходишь неслышно, и символом тайны
Загорается в небе уснувшем Луна.

Ни души в лунном свете, лишь вздыбленный берег,
Изумленно впивает твою красоту.
И холодные волны раскрыв свои двери,
Призывают печально в свою пустоту.

Ты проходишь над ними, воды не касаясь,
Прямо в черный и скорбный, немой горизонт.
И какие - то звуки измученно тают,
И пол - моря неярко цветет бирюзой.

Но свеченье бесплотное медленно гаснет,
И ничто не звучит уж в безрадостной тьме.
И узнать на земле нет ничьей уже власти,
Кто была ты прекрасная, - Жизнь или Смерть?...

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  • Modèle : Andrei Krylov
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