Sunrise In Chicago


Modèle : Area 203
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In its most impressive effort to date, Area 203 continues its progressive journey where no band has ever gone before. Dazzling with its startling progressions in "Red Light District", to it's orchestral dissertation of "After the Fall," the band explores along the way all the colors of the scale with magical variations and intonations while still maintaining an essential musical discipline. Like its namesake "Reflections" captures mankinds underlying need to study itself--and what a musical study this is---Tahitian Temptation, Barcelona, Morning in L.A., Sunrise in Chicago--not just a walk in the park! Tony Smith,guitarist, engineer,Bob Field, piano and keyboards, William Fluker, horns, John Cizik, saxophone, Hardy Eason, keyboards, Marlyn Miranda, keyboards,and Scott Spallone, bass have done it again. Join in the "Euphoria" and sit and enjoy yourself for a solid hour. "It's Like Dat!"

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  • Modèle : Area 203
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