Always Find Me Here


Modèle : Peter Kater
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Music for Balance, Grace, Right Action and Right Relations

Early Native American culture strongly emphasized the importance of walking this earth with respect, awareness and consideration for many generations to come. The musical alchemy of multi-Grammy nominated pianist-composer, Peter Kater, and Grammy nominated Northern Cheyenne flutist, Joseph Firecrow, is just mesmerizing. Soulful melodies, primal and textured percussion; a well-spring of piano; Native American flute and soaring soprano saxophone . . . this music blesses our sacred journey with deep purpose, vision and love so that we many truly Walk In Beauty.

Peter Kater Piano, Synthesizers and Sequencing
Joseph Firecrow Native American Flute
Richard Hardy Soprano Saxophone
Pete Korpela Percussion


1. Walk in Beauty
2. Beautiful Heart
3. Sweet Embrace
4. Dancing With the Moon
5. Once More Before The Dawn
6. Always Find Me Here
7. The Good Road
8. For My Children's Children

All Songs Composed, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Peter Kater at Point of Light Studios in CA.
All songs published by Kater Music/BMI, except "The Good Road" written by Joseph Firecrow and Peter Kater, published by Firecrow Publishing and Kater Music/BMI.
Mastered By Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO
Design Direction by Jeff Lancaster for LCG

Peter Kater plays Young Chang Pianos

Special Thanks to Sue Sherman

Peter Kater has received many Grammy Award Nominations for his incredible body of work and sold millions of CD's. he has composed for film, television and Broadway but always returns to his love of creating "Healing" music for the mind, body and spirit. He was honored with the prestigious United Nations Environmental Leadership Award in recognition of his love, commitment and devotion to the natural beauty and preservation of the Earth, our Home.

We are the eyes, ears and hearts of the Universe. We exist within the Universe just as the Universe exists within us. The One Consciousness guides and communicates with us in a multitude of ways; through our intuition, nature, overheard conversations, our thoughts and through friends and loved ones. My life feels the most full, rich and alive when I'm in the awareness of the sacredness of all life and all life's experiences. The art of accessing the deeper places and awareness of one's own being has been practiced in may forms for thousands of years. Today, we reconnect with our deeper selves in many ways. By having quality alone time, being present with our friends and loved ones, seeking out appropriate healing therapies and spending time in nature. We can stop, take an inventory and ask if we're addressing our deeper needs and feelings. We can allow the layers of stress and protection to fall away as we remove ourselves from the numbing pace of our society and the over-stimiluating sensationalism of the media. With time, we gain access to our most intimate center and have experiences of unqualified self-love and acceptance. We can travel great inner expanses one step at a time and experience our Selves as part of the great natural divinity of all the Earth and the Heavens. This is our birthright . . . and our healing. - Peter

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  • Modèle : Peter Kater
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