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Modèle : J. Lamm
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Spanning genres is the practice that has become a custom to J. Lamm. Whether he is composing music for film and TV, contributing his multi-instrumentalist talent in session work, or breaching the musical spectrum from New Age to metal, his skills as a composer is an eclectic array of sounds.


After recording three demos, the mercurial metal band known as Cea Serin signs a record deal with Heavencross Records to release their debut album in Europe and abroad. Originally started as a studio project, J. Lamm and guitarist Keith Warman breathed life into the concept of Cea Serin and the band still forges ahead today. Shortly after the European deal was signed the duo was joined by Nightmare Records to release their album in the Americas and surrounding areas. The album was met with critical acclaim and opened new opportunities for J. Lamm outside the rock world.


After recording some songs for the television show ‘Planet Buzz” and enjoying the new release of the first Cea Serin album, J. Lamm is approached by two film directors to do the score to their films. Two follow-ups to Cea Serin’s debut begin: an EP with older reworked material, a cover song, and newer more experimental material and an LP of Cea Serin’s most diverse and accomplished work to date.


Broken Promise opens in limited release. It is J. Lamm’s first feature length film including all of his own original material. During this time Cea Serin has been side tracked due to the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. In Cea Serin’s down time, J. Lamm begins work on several other projects including the modern rock Your Witness, the power metal of Wonky Cross, and the progressive grindcore execution of Asteroid Apocalypse.


J. Lamm turns down a couple of movie offers but finds time to do a small musical section in a New Orlean’s based short film made for the 48 Hour Film Project. He also agrees to take part in writing the music for a horror movie anthology. As Cea Serin gets back on their feet, recording again commences on the EP to be quickly followed by the anticipated LP. It is also during this time that J. decides to take part in writing music for Planetarium productions. The first venture into the field are several pieces for the LASM production of their Digital Universe show as well as Sky Show pieces. A collection of this music is being put together under the “J. Lamm” solo name.
Wonky Cross and Your Witness are put on the back burner while Asteroid Apocalypse, the Digital Universe music, and Cea Serin take precedence. J. Lamm also records a song and various sections of music for the gothic dark metal band, Menagerie. Their second CD titled “In Moderation,” featuring the keyboards and backing vocals by J., is released at the end of 2007.


The first Digital Universe show with J. Lamm music debuts with a CD planned for a mid-year 2008 release. To coincide with this release, Cea Serin will finally release their EP and begin work on the LP production that will be titled “The World Outside.”

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  • Modèle : J. Lamm
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